Everything financial has a pair and the flows some logic for those bothered to pay close attention.

Profit—loss, it’s a zero sum game.

But in markets “up” seems to win for so long even when decades, centuries of financial common sense says it shouldn’t.

And when that common sense becomes too common for bullish comfort, they squeeze the short sellers with loud claims that,“It’s different this time! The European Central Bank’s got your back!” 

Then they drive the unthinking masses into any financial asset out there, taking valuations to extremes.

Asset—liability, debit—credit. It’s the logic from which markets are not exempt.

Bid—offer; buyer—seller; long—short; bull—bear; mine—yours; put—call.

Cash in, cash out. Two sides to the financial coin.


It all suggests linearity—sustainable, steady progress—but it’s a loaded coin and everyone keeps betting on heads.

Doubling up. Up-squared. Exponential.

Until the bubble bursts.